Mary 14 years old (not her real name ) was kidnapped when she was 12 yrs old by an armed group and forced into becoming a child soldier. In a jungle clearing Yambio, South Sudan 17/4/2018 she is released into the care of UNICEF with 200 other child soldiers. Mary says "I have no idea where my parents are I dont think I will ever see them again"
Photography by Sebastian Rich for UNICEF

" We photographers are nothing but a pack of crooks, thieves and voyeurs. We are to be found everywhere we are not wanted ~ We betray secrets that were never entrusted to us, we spy shamelessly on things that are not our business ~ And end up the hoarders of a vast quantity of stolen goods " ~ Brassai

Save The Children UK   working in Liberia,malaria/Mozambique,malnutrition

Sebastian Rich Photography/Copyright all rights reserved.



Photographs to commemorate the 74th birthday of His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent. 4th July 2017 The Prince is photographed in the grounds of Kensington Palace London England with his wife Her Royal Highness The Princess Michael of Kent. ~ Photography Sebastian Rich/all rights reserved.