Born a refugee.
Ibrahim is one second old and emits little indignant high-pitched screams on being removed by c-section from the warm comfort and safety of his mother’s womb.

Ibrahim's first protestations are met with huge smiles from the dedicated Jordanian surgical team that brought him into the world.
A world were unfortunately this little bundle of new exciting life through no fault of his own is born a refugee in a foreign land.
Ibrahim was born at the UNICEF funded paediatric hospital in the Syrian refugee camp Azraq just fifty kilometers from the Syrian border in Jordan
. Photography by Sebastian Rich/Magnum-Insights all rights reserved.

"We photographers are nothing but a pack of crooks, thieves and voyeurs. We are to be found everywhere we are not wanted ~ We betray secrets that were never entrusted to us, we spy shamelessly on things that are not our business ~ And end up the hoarders of a vast quantity of stolen goods "  ~ Brassai



Save The Children UK   working in Liberia,malaria/Mozambique,malnutrition

Sebastian Rich Photography/Copyright all rights reserved.



On a recent early morning walk on a deserted beach in an area called the 'Panhandle' on the Northern most tip of Cyprus (Turkish occupied area) I was inspired to photograph this wonderful seascape by a long favorite British artist of mine Joseph Mallord William Turner, better known as J.M.W. Turner, was born on April 23, 1775, in Covent Garden, London, England. Turner brought luminosity and Romantic imagery to his subjects and his often violent seascapes. His work—initially realistic—became more fluid and poetic, and is now regarded as a predecessor to Impressionism. Turner died on December 19, 1851, in Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London, England.
Photography Sebastian Rich/All rights reserved